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Our main target is the critical-minded and shrewd customers who have a unique taste for music. They demand quality over quantity and trust that 'Dream Media Agency-Radio Programs ' as their main source for the latest music.

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DreamMedia radio provides it's listeners the ultimate escape in the world of fun, music and endless entertainment. DreamMedia is a community radio station that is dedicated to informing and empowering the local South Asian population across the Globe. DreamMedia Radio is the new digital sensation for music lovers around the world. It is a web-based radio which offers a suite of radio shows presented by the award-winning RJ's who enthrall the audiences with their unique content and song mixes. DreamMedia is the radio for the digital age. Internet radio has no boundaries and offers better sound quality. Thanks to AAC (Advanced Audio Coding), the sound quality is always better than FM. DreamMedia radio is available at any time, any location with the same crisp sound quality. There's absolutely no need to be in the FM Transmitter range or having a separate radio equipment to connect with the radio station.

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    As No.1 web radio station, we reach thousand of listeners daily around the globe.

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